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Getting to know you 𓆩♡𓆪 Getting to know me

I founded Opaline Quill to share the work I publish, such as The ABC Dream Oracle, to connect through projects such as Clock Flower Wishes, and to share my songs with you.

I've always struggled with 'about' sections and concise descriptions of a consistent concept of self. So, instead of summarising who I am here, I hope that what I share will, with time, be the 'about' required. I'd like not to be confined to a section or paragraph (it seems an impossible task), but to share the discovery of self as a natural and gradual revelation as I learn, evolve, and continue to create.


Have you ever heard a plant sing? Nature's music is all around us; we are all part of the song that is life. The project Clock Flower Wishes aims to bring attention to the importance of nature in our daily lives through our engagement with wild plants that grow in urban environments. Take a look here and get involved.

The ABC Dream Oracle is an oracle deck dedicated to dreams and dreamers. Each card's message is designed to help you reconnect with your dreams, regain clarity, and find a renewed sense of conviction to remain receptive to your dreams. Each message inspires you to tune in with yourself and to trust what is unveiled. The ABC Dream Oracle encourages the development of discernment and confidence as you live a life in alignment with your dreams.

A dream of mine is to explore how we can use plant music to heal by translating the medicinal benefits of plants through sound; to use plant music's inaudible frequency as a healing modality to restore harmony within our bodies and souls, our societies, and the earth itself; to tune in with the music of the planet; to translate and create music from and for the earth.  Learn more here.

Freedom of thought, social equity, and environmental justice are of great importance to me, and I hope through Opaline Quill to connect with others who feel the same and contribute to positive changes taking place.

Click here to learn about the children's picture book, All Other, and to discover the artists involved. 

With the My Mantra service, I will write for you a unique affirmation based on your astrology and numerology for 2024. We can also meet online to connect and discuss your personalised mantra together. 

Thank you for being here! Connect on Instagram


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