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Weronika Kubak

Page One - This 'other' has a nose. 

Weronika Kubak is a multidisciplinary designer specialising in motion and graphic/illustration design. Her designs are infused with personal experiences, resulting in meaningful storytelling through characters that evoke emotion and personality. Drawing from a diverse background in interior and interaction design, Weronika seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality, ensuring her creations engage users in a memorable way. 

Weronika's fascination with psychology and theatre adds a profound layer to her designs, allowing her to craft narratives that resonate on an emotional level. This unique blend of interests enriches her work, making it both relatable and impactful. Weronika’s portfolio shows her versatility and dedication to the craft as she continues to push the boundaries of her artistic explorations. Beyond designing, she is a big fan of coffee, video games, rock & metal concerts, and handcrafts.

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“How do you feel about creating a 3D model of a Proboscis monkey?”

“Why not? It sounds interesting! Would you be open to it being more abstract than a realistic depiction?”

“Both. Can you create an abstract character of noses? Can you start from an original, realistic version and add layers of noses, to end with your most abstract, and document the process from all angles, like a storyboard?”

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When assigning a page to Weronika, I knew her 3D design skills would be perfect for the Proboscis monkey. From the very beginning of the book, we introduce the concept of othering, which extends beyond the human species to include other life and beings on this planet by immediately prioritising an animal. Not only to marvel at its fascinating feature but to relate to it by making this simple point of connection through the feature that sits in the middle of each of our faces.

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“The 3D illustration highlights the monkey's distinct features and captures its playful essence. The enclosed composition and lush jungle backdrop setting, bursting with colours, aim to spark curiosity and invite young readers on an enchanting adventure.” - Weronika

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