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All Other

cherish what's unique and cherish what unites

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I wrote this little book in 2018 and thought it would be a simple task to bring it to life. Five years later, it has yet to be brought to fruition. So as not to delay the project any further and to act in spirit with the book, I've decided to open up the project to public funding and share the process of the book's creation here.

All Other is a 17-page children's picture book with a total of 133 words. The book aims to address some of the ‘isms’ in our societies and foster more inclusivity. It is a simple message: we are all deserving of love and care and the right to be our authentic selves. It encourages us to not simply tolerate our perceived differences but to celebrate them. It asks us not to be scared of opposing ways of being or hide from the shadows cast by history's acts of hatred but to confront them head-on with courage, compassion, strength, and gentleness. All Other asks us to address our prejudices without shame but instead with honesty, forgiveness, and determination to contribute ourselves as kinder beings to the world.

All Other advocates for us to celebrate what is unique, to cherish what unites us, to celebrate what challenges our views, and to cherish what we learn from each other. While this is a children's book, we adults too can be reminded of its message and remember that we are all ‘the other’ to one another. By accepting this truth, we can become more open and compassionate towards each other while remembering that we are a part of this together, not at the centre looking out. We must look in and continue to question ourselves, our attitudes, and perhaps even our own subtle prejudices, whether they are apparent or not, to remain curious and to decide each day to become a better person.

In 2019/2020, I spent a few years contacting illustrators and submitting the book to various publishing houses, and while I had a few positive replies among the silent rejections, none seemed quite right. I had very clear ideas for the images for each page, and they all had different styles. So, how do we bring them to life? Instead of having one illustrator, I am now working with a variety of artists with different disciplines who are collectively the 'illustrators' for this book. 

Originally, I had in mind a 42-page picture book, but the organising and funding of such a task proved too much, especially while juggling other projects. So I reduced the pages, which were only ideas for images, and therefore the number of artists needed, which made it more manageable and can also be seen to serve the quality of the book much better this way. But if we do reach the funding required, then perhaps some of the surprise pages can return. I'm happy to be working with the artists involved, and I feel that the collaborative process and the celebration of the diverse range of each individual's work are very much in alignment with the message of the book.

If any children wish to contribute their art to the project, please send it in to with your name, and I'll upload it here on the website.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about this project and to offer your support.


All Other

We are all 'the other' to another

To learn more about each page, click on the page number with the artist's name. (The artist's information will gradually be uploaded to the site.)

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to celebrate what's unique and to cherish what unites

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