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life as song

plant music as medicine 

plant medicine as music 

What if we could translate a plant's healing frequency into sound?

A dream of mine is to explore how we can use plant music to heal by translating the medicinal benefits of plants through sound. I'd like us to tune into and translate the inaudible frequencies of plants, to listen to their songs, as a healing modality to restore harmony within our bodies and souls, our societies, and the earth itself. Imagine tuning in with the music of the planet to translate and create music from and for the earth.

Healing with frequency has become more widely accepted, and plant music has become more mainstream. Now, what if we could explore translating the healing properties of plants into sound, tune into the plant’s frequency, and translate it into sound? Not only for our physical bodies but also for diseases of the heart and mind. Imagine the specific healing frequencies played on the radio for all to feel and heal. Imagine if they were played in places of intense conflict or war zones!

What if, by amplifying plants’ healing frequencies, we could dissolve the hatred and stop the devastation and violence that eats away inside and develops outwardly? For example, pine, which transfers condemnation into universal love; hawthorn, which heals the heart; or holly, which aids inner harmony and creates compassion. Just imagine for a moment if we could heal souls through sound.

What if plants could stop war? Hatred is a disease. Just as physical ailments can be treated with herbal medicine, so too can the sickness of the soul. If there are any herbalists, scientists, or anyone who knows more than I do, please take the time to look into this. Harmful ideologies can't evolve for the better in minds ridden with their dogma, but through herbal healing modalities, perhaps their harm can be dissolved with time for healing of the heart, soul, and mind. To force a kinder change upon us with subtlety and permanence.

Plant Medicine Music: Text
Plant Medicine Music: Pro Gallery

The selected plants have been chosen from Dr. Edward Bach's 38 Flower Remedies. Thanks to his dedication to researching the healing properties of nature. As well as from Judith Burger's wonderful book, Herbal Rituals.


Plant Medicine Music: Text
Plant Medicine Music: Text

Gorse – heals hopelessness and despair and restores faith.
Holly -  for inner harmony and compassion, 'unites us with divine love.
Mimulus – combats fear and instills confidence and courage.
Pine – transfers guilt and condemnation into universal love.
Rock Rose – to ease and comfort a soul who has experienced terror
Star of Bethlehem - neutralises effects of shock from loss or grief, aids recuperation, and is 'the comforter of pain and sorrows'
Sweet Chestnut – liberation from extreme mental anguish, despair and despondency
Wild Rose – banishes apathy and resignation and induces a lively interest in life
Mugwort – recovers ancient wisdom to 'attend to the needs of spirit and soul', connects us with dream realms, and heightens intuition.
Violet – a restorative herb that soothes emotional trauma; it nurtures, nourishes, and unburdens the heart of pain.
Sage – for purification and protection, known as the herb of the immortals, it connects us with wisdom and insight 
Thyme – calming, transformative, and enhances mental clarity and courage 
Hawthorn – increases visionary powers and is a protective and loving heart healer

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