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Dandelion Collage

Clock Flower Wishes

a soundscape of plant music in urban space - quite literally, the music of the streets

Welcome to Clock Flower Wishes,
an online interactive exhibition that explores our humanness in relation to ourselves, others, and our shared environments by exploring and engaging with plants that grow in urban environments. This is a collaborative project to co-create a soundscape made from plant music, with the location of each plant across the city of London being mapped visually here online for all to see. By translating the plants inaudible frequencies into sound, we can hear their unheard songs and further encourage a new way of listening to the earth.

This is a collective process of research, learning, and creation.
Through the building of a community of people, through the sharing of individuals' stories and dreams, and through messages of hope inspired by nature, together we create a collective chorus to inspire positive change as we reconnect with nature in new and innovative ways.

Nature is art. To survive the earth must continually regenerate and grow a diverse range of life; the earth's creativity is necessary for its own survival as well as that of all living beings through which its creativity gives life. We owe our lives to the earth's ongoing creative abundance. Let's acknowledge nature as  the artistic expression of the earth through which life is sustained and is able to thrive. 

Our own free artistic expression is essential to our own survival.
We must acknowledge and develop an awareness of our interconnection with all things in order to deepen our compassion for one another. Another step in this direction can be through the study of the convergence of plants and humans that inhabit the same or similar environments. In urban environments, weeds can spread with relentless vigour or pop up on a brick wall and get passed by unseen.

By taking note of the overlooked world of plants in urban landscapes growing in hostile environments and observing their resilience and beauty, we are compelled to experience our reality differently through the observation of the natural elements in our cities. Through the recognition of the diversity shown in nature, we can reflect this back into our own societies and truly celebrate our differences, welcoming new ways of seeing our shared world and those with whom we share it.

Much more research is required, and there are new technologies to be developed.
This project offers a new start to understanding and communicating in a new way with the earth. In our endeavour to connect, we give voice to and truly attend to what has gone unheard. Please submit your contribution to to join this kaleidoscopic, co-created soundscape of plant music by sending in a photograph of the wildflower or weed and its location.

Plant submissions have now closed. Click 'Enter' to listen to the soundscape. You are still welcome to get involved! Click here to join in.

The Invitation: Welcome
The Invitation: Video

🌱 This project was funded by The Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network🌱 

🌱 The plants were recorded using Plant Wave 🌱 

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